Who runs the hotel?
The hotel was opened in 1967 and it has always been – and still is today – the owner Mrs. Iolanda (born in San Mauro Mare in 1937) who has taken care of everything personally.
Now the main members of staff are her family members, all “pure” Romagnoli...: Marina (daughter – management), Marco (son-in-law – kitchen) and her grandchildren Marwin and Francesco.
When is the hotel open?
Usually the Hotel is open every year from 25th April until the end of September. Occasionally it also opens at Easter when Easter is late.
Is the reception open 24/7?
The reception is not open at night-time. If you are planning to go out and come back late it is not a problem as the main door can be opened with a key card or codes that we  give to our guests.
What are the check-in and check-out times?
Check-in is from 10.30 am. Check-out is at 10 am.
How deep is the swimming pool?
The pool comprises 2 areas: the first area - shallow water – is 80 cm deep, then the pool slopes down to a depth of 2.30 m.
Is Wi-Fi available throughout the hotel?
Wi-Fi is freely available in all the rooms and throughout the rest of the hotel: the hall, restaurant, bar, swimming pool, and garden.
I don't know San Mauro Mare, is it a quiet place?
San Mauro Mare is a small seaside resort in the heart of Romagna. The atmosphere is relaxed and quiet. It is perfect for families with children and for guests who want to relax. 
As it is a small town everything is within easy reach on foot from any part of the town you are staying in. There is little traffic, and there aren't any noisy clubs and pubs at night.
Where does the town life take place?
During the daytime definitely on the central beach, of the “Grandi spiagge” (The Great Beaches) the largest and best equipped one. In the evening the entertainment (San Mauro Mare Village) takes place in Piazza Battisti (200 m from our Hotel), at Parco Campana (50 m) or at Parco Benelli (150 m).
What are the closest towns?
Towards the south lies the centre of Bellaria, which is about 3 km away, and is easy to reach by bicycle or bus (Line no. 4). Towards the north Gatteo Mare is about 2 km away, and is easy to reach on foot or by bicycle by crossing the Gulio Cesare pedestrian bridge. Rimini is 12 southwards. Cesenatico is 7 km towards the north.
When are meals served?
Breakfast entrance from 7.30 am to 9.30 am 
Lunch entrance from 12.30 pm to 1 pm 
Dinner entrance from 7.30 pm to 8 pm
How many choices are there in the menu of the day?
Both at lunch and dinner there are always at least 3 or 4 first courses and 3 or 4 main courses to choose from. Starters, fruit, desserts, and drinks are served buffet style.
Can I ask for things that are not on the menu?
We are glad to meet all our guests' needs. If you have any special requests, please let us know a little in advance.
When do you have to choose the menu?
The menu is chosen every day at lunchtime for the following day. On the day you arrive you can choose from all the courses on the menu of the day, no problem.
Do you have menus for caeliac sufferers and guests who are intolerant to gluten?
We often have guests who are caeliac sufferers or intolerant to gluten and our chef and kitchen are perfectly able to manage gluten-free dishes, which are made separately with all the necessary precautions. With regard to caeliac sufferers as far as we can, we try to serve the same dishes that are on the menu but adapted with gluten-free ingredients (for example we use gluten-free pasta for our first courses, and gluten-free flour and bread when we use breadcrumbs and fry food etc.). For breakfast we have gluten-free bread, biscuits, and croissants. We do not make the gluten-free products we use but they are certified “gluten free”. Please inform us of your condition when you book.
I am intolerant to lactose (or other), is there a suitable menu for me, too? 
If we know in advance we can make all the necessary variations to meet your needs. Our kitchen staff is available to decide with you on the changes to make. Please inform us of your condition when you book. For breakfast we advise you to try our cappuccino with soya milk.
Do you have menus for vegetarians and vegans?
We are sorry but we are not specialised in vegetarian and vegan cuisine. We can modify our recipes excluding some ingredients but we do not have specific menus for these dietary requirements.
If I miss lunch on the day I arrive, can I make up for it on the day I leave?
Yes, that's no problem, however, it is still likely that you will have to vacate your room by 10 am (according to availability).
Could I have Mrs Iolanda's ragu recipe?
Hmmm.... actually it's a secret... but if you go into the kitchen she will be pleased to give you some advice :)
How many rooms does the hotel have?
Our Hotel has 33 classic rooms all with a balcony; 4 rooms with a balcony in the annex near the pool; in addition to these we have 8 ground-floor rooms without a balcony (at a lower price). We also have a three-room flat which is 65 m2 (for 4 to 6 people) and a studio flat which is 35 m2 (for up to 6 people).

Can I set the air-conditioning independently in my room?
In every room the air-conditioning can be set independently with a thermostat (with no limits or times). For example you don't need to be in the room to activate it so you will find the room at the right temperature when you return.

Do you have any connecting rooms?
No, we don't have any connecting rooms in the Hotel. Alternatively we can suggest you take the three-room flat.

Are there any bunk-beds in the rooms?
There are bunk-beds in the rooms that sleep four and five people. We have a limited number of rooms that sleep four without a bunk-bed: please get in touch with us to find out about availability. The rooms that sleep five, on the other hand, always have a bunk-bed (1 double bed + 1 bunk-bed + 1 single bed). The three-room flat and the studio flat can sleep 6 people without a bunk-bed.

Is there a fridge in the rooms?
No, there aren't any fridges in our rooms.

Do you have any rooms with a “sea view”?
As we are not in the first row of buildings on the seafront our rooms do not have a sea view.

Can I watch foreign TV channels in my room ?
Yes, we have a selection of foreign satellite channels in the rooms. French: TF1, France2, France3, and France5. German: Das Erste, ZDF, RTL, Eurosport DE, Hr Fernsehen, Wdr, KiKa, 3sat, Vox, SuperRTL, and RTL2, N-TV.
Do you have cots and children's beds for babies and young children?
We have beds with side panels that are suitable for newborns and for children up to 24/36 months old. They are always available free of charge. Size 130 x 60 cm.

Do you have bed side panels for my child's bed?
Side panels are available free of charge.

Do you have high-chairs for children?
We have child seats and high-chairs of various sizes for children of all ages. You can use them free of charge.

Do you have an area where mothers can warm bottles and make baby food?
Yes, in our baby food corner there is: a fridge, cutlery, a gas ring, and a microwave oven. The baby food corner is always available for use (even at night-time).

Can the cook provide some vegetable purée or broth to make my child's meals with?
Our chef regularly makes vegetable purée and broth as a base with which to make baby food for your children (free service). We have various kinds of pasta that are suitable for children who are turning to solid food. We do not supply ready made baby food.

Can I feed my child first?
Yes, of course, having agreed on the times, it won't be a problem.

Are there any children's games on the beach?
The beach is equipped with games, slides and inflatable toys that are suitable for little children.
How far is your Hotel from the beach?
The hotel is 200 m from the beach.

Can I chose which beach establishment to go to (All Inclusive)?
You can choose the beach you prefer from the ones that are part of the “Grandi Spiagge” consortium which comprises: Bagno Royal, Bagno Berto, Bagno Sergio and Neri, Bagno Adolfo, Bagno Ermes (and Fido Beach). The services at these beaches are in common so when you choose one of them you can also use the services of the other beaches that are part of the consortium.

What row will my beach umbrella be in (All Inclusive)?
The price of your All Inclusive formula includes a beach umbrella and sun beds starting from the third row back. For the first 2 rows there is a supplement to pay directly to the beach attendant. If requested we can contact the beach attendant for you, get the quotation, and book the first rows (it is advisable to book the first rows).
Which motorway junction is the closest to you?
On the Motorway A14, coming from the north, the closest motorway junction is “Valle del Rubicone”. If you are coming from the south on the A14 you should exit at “Rimini Nord”.

Do you have a car park?
You can park your car free of charge in the courtyard of our Hotel. Most of the parking spaces are not covered. We have a limited number of covered spaces that are available on a first come first served basis (they can't be booked). Parking spaces are available for all our guests.

Which railway station is the closest?
The closest station is the one in Bellaria, which is 3 km away. The one in Rimini is 12 km away but trains are much more frequent. From the station in Bellaria and from the one in Rimini you can reach our hotel with Bus no. 4. The terminuses of bus no. 4 are the stations of Rimini and San Mauro Mare. The San Mauro Mare stop is 50 m from our Hotel.  During the daytime in summer there are buses every 15 minutes (and a number of buses at night) It takes about 45 minutes to get to Rimini by bus from San Mauro Mare (and vice versa). From the Rimini station it is easy to take bus no. 4 as the stop is right opposite the railway station. From Bellaria the bus stop is not very close, we thus advise you to take a taxi as the trip is short (right outside the stations of Bellaria and Rimini there is always a taxi available).

Can I arrive / leave by car on Monday morning when there is the street market?
Starting from the 2019 summer season it will be possible to check-in and check-out on Monday morning without
the inconvenience caused by the weekly street market. The area of the weekly market, that surrounded our Hotel, was officially moved to another area by the municipal administration (new zone is along: "Via Lido Rubicone").
Entering and leaving with the car on Monday morning is no longer a problem.

Can you book a Taxi for me to/from the railway station or the airport?
We can get a quotation for you and book a Taxi to the destination you request. If it is to the airports in Rimini or Bologna please give us your flight number.
Do you need a deposit?
We need a deposit to confirm your booking (unless agreed differently). The sum varies according to the length of your stay and the period you have requested.

How can I pay the deposit?
By bank transfer, postal order, or credit card.

If I have already paid the deposit but can't come during the period I have booked, what happens?
If you inform us at least 7 days before your arrival date we will put aside the deposit for a stay at a different time (during the same year you have booked in). We do not refund the deposit because we issue an invoice for every payment we receive.

What payment methods do you accept?
You can settle the balance of your stay by: cash (under 3.000€), debit card; credit cards: visa, mastercard, amex; and cheques.

What is Tourist Tax?
The Municipality of San Mauro Pascoli has instituted Municipal Tourist Tax: it is applied from 15th June to 31st August. It is of 1.5€ for each adult, and is paid for a maximum of 5 days (max 7.5€ per person). All minors are excluded from payment. Tourist Tax is to be paid in the Hotel in cash.
9 - DOGS
Do you accept dogs?
We accept small dogs. We have a limit on the number of dogs we can take in at any one time. If you are coming with your dog please get in touch with us beforehand to inform us of the breed and weight of your dog.

Can dogs access all Hotel areas?
With regard to Hotel common areas, dogs can access the following: the hall, bar and garden. They can't go into the swimming pool area or the main restaurant. If you want to take your dog with you at mealtimes, we ask guests with dogs to sit in a different room (where breakfast is served). We have used this solution in the past and have never had any problems.

Do I have to book the beach that accepts dogs (Fido Beach)?
We strongly advise you to book it as it isn't very big. The supplement for a beach umbrella and sun beds at the Fido Beach is of 4€ per day per dog (compared to the All inclusive price), this supplement is to be paid directly to the beach attendant. If you are interested we can see to the booking, in which case we will need the following information: sex, breed and name of your dog (without this data we can't book). Do not forget to bring your dog's health book with you.

Can dogs go into the sea?
Dogs at the Fido Beach can go into the sea at set times in a limited area. Dog bathing times: mornings from 7.30 am to 9 am; afternoons from 6.30 pm to 8 pm.
How wide is the lift entrance?
It is 75 cm wide.

Are there any architectural barriers?
At the Hotel entrance there is a flight of stairs, if you have a push-chair or a wheelchair or difficulty walking there is a lift that reaches the ground floor, which will allow you to avoid this flight of stairs. Between the room and the bathroom in the classic rooms (the ones with a balcony) there is a step. To access the swimming pool area there are 4 steps. To reach the 4 rooms in the annex there is a flight of stairs (without a lift).

Are your bathrooms suitable for the disabled?
Unfortunately the bathrooms in our rooms are not suitable for guests in wheelchairs. We have a complete bathroom for guests with wheelchairs in one of the common areas of the Hotel.
11 - OTHER
Do you have bicycles?
We have about twenty bicycles that can be used freely by our guests. They are not all of the latest model but they are suitable to explore the surrounding area.

Do you have child seats for the bicycles?
We also have some child seats that can be fitted to the back of the bicycles, which are suitable for children of 9 months or older, and up to 20 kg in weight.

Do you have any reductions to the theme parks?
We have special deal agreements with the theme parks. Please get in touch with us for any further information.

What is the difference between the FB and the All inclusive formula?
The only difference is that the All inclusive formula comprises beach service (beach umbrella and sun beds).

When does the San Mauro Mare Village entertainment take place?
The San Mauro Mare Village entertainment programme starts in June and ends on the second Sunday of September.

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